New album Irish Minimalism

With the title Irish Minimalism, composer Dave Flynn has laid down a marker. Minimalism is associated with America, and specifically with composers like Steve Reich and Philip Glass (both of whom have spent a good portion of their careers disavowing the term). But the hallmarks of the style – repetition; gradual, incremental changes that accrue over time; steady rhythms, often drawn from popular or traditional music; and a restrained sense of harmonic movement – are all compatible with Irish traditional music.

And after years spent as both a composer and performer working in the dual worlds of contemporary classical music and traditional song, Flynn has fashioned a personal musical language by recognising that the differences between those two styles are not nearly as great, and certainly not as useful, as the similarities. (From the Liner Notes by John Schaefer)

Featuring: Breanndán Begley (voice), Mick O‘Brien (uilleann pipes), ConTempo Quartet & IMO Quartet.

Released 17 September 2021 (CD and digital platforms).

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