New Irish Tunes

This page contains my original compositions using traditional Irish music forms like reels and jigs. Since 2021 I’ve been creating dozens of new tunes with unusual rhythmic forms and time signatures—with several not yet deemed ‘traditional’ to Irish music. More tunes will be added as this project continues. This project is supported by a traditional arts bursary from the Arts Council of Ireland.

Bulgaelic Jigs

Clipped Highlands

Clipped Jig

Clipped Mazurkas

Clipped Polkas

Clipped Reels

Clipped Slides

Cúig Reel


Hop Flings

Hop Highlands

Hop Hornpipes

Hop Polkas

Hop Reels


Jump Jig


Schottisches & Barndances

Sea Jigs

Slip Slides

Slip Strathspeys