Dave Flynn – Irish Minimalism (CD)

Compact Disc and 8-page Digipak
‘Irish Minimalism’ Dave Flynn’s album of Works for String Quartet and Irish traditional instruments was released by First Hand Records on 17th September 2021. Produced by multi-Grammy winner Judith Sherman. Features Mick O’Brien, Breanndán Begley, ConTempo Quartet and the IMO Quartet.

This is a CD-only release on this website. To stream the album play on Spotify below or visit your favourite streaming service.

“This is a serious and interesting album that does a remarkable job of incorporating Irish musical ideas into string quartet writing.”  (Journal of Music)

“Irish Minimalism from Dave Flynn – with string quartets and added uilleann pipes, Flynn effectively uses drones, lilting lines & twisting melodic catches, with bawdy humour and moving poignancy in Stories from the Old World to finish.” (Classical Notes)

“… they [Mick O’Brien & Breanndan Begley] deserve special mention here in this magazine that is devoted to Irish traditional music for participating so effectively in this musical exploration of Dave Flynn’s” (Irish Music Magazine)

“If you are like me, you welcome the rightness and musicality of the hybrid, and are glad for Dave Flynn’s imaginative music.” (Gapplegate)

“A thoroughly engaging and out of the ordinary listening experience.” (Midwest Record)

“Interesting, striking, and quite engaging.” (Cinemusical)


  • 5–7 The Cutting (Quintet No. 1 for Uilleann Pipes and String Quartet) Performers: Mick O’Brien (uilleann pipes) and IMO Quartet
  • 8–10 The Keening (String Quartet No. 3) Performers: ConTempo Quartet
  • 11–14 Stories from the Old World Performers: Breanndán Begley (voice), Mick O’Brien (uilleann pipes), IMO Quartet
  • Produced by Judith Sherman
  • Liner Notes by John Schaefer