The Tempest in Mali (2005)

for fiddle, banjo, two guitars and bodhrán.

Duration: 6 mins.

Trad arr. Dave Flynn, Ciarán Swift, Liz Coleman and Mick Dunne.

Ciarán Swift (lead steel string guitar). Liz Coleman (fiddle), Dave Flynn (nylon string guitar), Mick Dunne (banjo), Conan McDonnell (bodhrán)

This, the opening track to Draíocht, is an arrangement of two old Irish tunes, The Tempest Reel and Old John’s Jig. There’s an influence from the Malian kora music of Toumani Diabate in the accompaniment. Mick Dunne and I both had the pleasure of meeting Toumani Diabate, although Mick’s meeting was much more interesting. After volunteering in Rwanda for Concern he travelled to Mali and found out where Toumani lives. He called into his house and got to play with him and the National Orchestra of Mali as a result!