Symphony No.1 ‘Memory’ (2017)

Symphony in three movements. Duration: 30 mins.

Two versions:

  1. Version for the Irish Memory Orchestra
  2. Version for standard symphony orchestra (orchestrated 2022)

Premiered by the Irish Memory Orchestra in Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland. November 2017. Conductor, Bjorn Bantock.

I – Memory Reel

II – Ethereal Memories

III – Memory Funk

Programme Note

This is the first symphony ever designed to be performed by memory. The original version for the Irish Memory Orchestra is performed this way and includes instruments not usually found in symphony orchestras including electric guitars, uilleann pipes, tin whistles and a wordless ‘folk choir.

A new version for standard classical symphony orchestra is in development which omits those instruments in place of ones more commonly used by orchestras. The standard orchestra version does not have to be performed by memory, although it is ideal if it is.

The symphony explores the theme of memory in its three movements which reference many styles of music from traditional Irish music to minimalism, afro-funk to jazz.

* Live recordings of the premiere are presented for archival, research and PR purposes, not commercial audio quality.

What the critics say…
  • “It’s as if someone with a Flann O’Brien-like imagination and sense of humour had taken the baton from Seán Ó Riada in re-imagining Irish music.”
    RTÉ Culture online