Ecclesiastes 3: Time for Everything (2020)

for remote or distanced SATB Choir.

Duration: Circa 5 minutes.

This piece uses the text of Ecclesiastes 3: Time for Everything

It is composed in such a way that it can be performed live by multiple singers over a video conference connection. Singers do not need to be exactly co-ordinated. Each line can weave freely towards each pause and the resulting sound should undulate beautifully due to the natural time delays that will occur due to internet connections. A conductor does need to be followed and they indicate each phrase ending. They start the next phrase when they hear that all singers have stopped singing.

The piece can also be performed in a normal choral setting, but singers are to be placed all around the venue, distanced from each other and the music should not be consciously co-ordinated to be exactly as notated. The same instructions for the in venue version apply to the original version.