Quirk No.4 – Between the Jigs & the Reels (2004)

Quirk No.4 ‘Between the Jigs and the Reels’ (2004) 8′

Three versions exist

Quirk No.4 a for violin and piano
Premiered by Eugen Cibisescu-Duran (vn), Iulia Cibisescu-Duran (pf). April 2006. Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca,

Quirk No.4 b for violin, cello and electric guitar
Premiered by Cora Venus-Lunny (violin), Kate Ellis (cello) & Dave Flynn (guitar), March 2010. Kevin Barry Room, National Concert Hall, Dublin.

Quirk No.4 c for Piano Trio (violin, cello and piano)

Programme Note

A master Irish story-teller will often ramble like a meandering river. The story they tell can seem quite incoherent, but it is almost always a great and entertaining story where everything is subtly linked. Similarly this piece of music rambles and meanders through many seemingly conflicting styles. I believe all music is linked to the same source. It’s a bit like the six degrees of separation theory where everyone in the world is at most six steps away from knowing each other. In this piece I link traditional Irish music to jazz, rumba, blues, baroque music and contemporary classical music. In doing so I don’t use any existing music, all the music is of my own invention.This piece was originally written for violin and piano in 2004. I re-arranged it for Piano Trio especially for the Fidelio Trio.

I also arranged a version for violin, cello and guitar which was premiered by Cora Venus Lunny, Kate Ellis and myself at an Irish Composer’s Collective concert in March 2010.

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