5 to 9 (2000)

for solo guitar.

Duration: 6 mins.

Published by Mel Bay in Dave Flynn Complete Works for Solo Guitar.

Premiered by Dave Flynn in St Ann’s Church, Dublin, 2000.

Programme Note

This is my most obviously minimalist piece and is strongly influenced by Steve Reich and more particularly the last movement of Harmonielehre by John Adams. After hearing this Adams piece I was blown away, it has become one of my favourite pieces of music. I decided to try to create something similar for solo guitar. It may not be on the same scale as Harmonielehre, but the ending should be treated as if it is the end of a massive orchestral work. I recommend that all my pieces are performed without the sheet music, but I particularly feel that the performer should thoroughly internalise this piece and play it with their eyes closed. I find I play it best that way.