Welcome to the new website!

I’m delighted to welcome you to my new website, designed by the team at modus.ie.

Here are some tips to help navigate the site.

  1. Sheet-music – Sheet music for my compositions are available by clicking on the Music menu. Sheet music for classical pieces are in the ‘Classical Works’ drop-down menu. Sheet music for my Irish traditional tunes are in the ‘New Irish Tunes’ dropdown menu. Many of these tunes come with free sheet music and audio to listen too.
  2. Audio examples – In the individual classical works pages there are links to audio recordings of many of my works, freely available to stream. Some of these are archival recordings never before released. They are not perfect studio recordings, they are given to help discover more about my work in the absence of commercially available recordings.
  3. Shop – This page contains my albums available for sale as Download or CD (where available). These sales go direct to the artists so please support my work by purchasing here! When you click to ‘add to cart’ an orange notification appears on the top right of the website. Click this to view your cart and finalise your purchase.
  4. Memory Orchestra – This is just a link to the website of my ensemble, The Irish Memory Orchestra.
  5. Concerts – These are listed on the News and Events page, which will be updated whenever there are new events.
  6. Social media- Social media links are given at the footer of every page and also in the contact page.
  7. Messaging – To contact me please send a message through the contact page.
  8. Photos – Some recent, media-friendly photos can be downloaded on the Bio page, just after the bio.

I hope you enjoy the new website and I welcome any feedback as to anything you’d like to see added to it or general feedback on the design and navigation.

Thank you

Dave Flynn



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