Dave Flynn – Contemporary Traditional Irish Guitar (CD)

Dave Flynn’s 2009 solo guitar album of his arrangements of modern traditional Irish fiddle tunes. A classic of the Celtic guitar genre featuring music by Paddy Fahey, Liz Carroll, Ed Reavy, Tommy Peoples, Charlie Lennon, and Larry Redican alongside Flynn’s own ‘Mahatma of the Glen’.

‘Listening to his light and sensitive touch, it becomes clear that he is a very fine player who has thorough understanding of the subtle nuances of Irish fiddle tunes. Dave Flynn is a masterful guitarist.’

​Tom Druckenmiller (Sing Out! Magazine)

“In an era dominated by fret-burning virtuosity, gently persuasive releases such as this are a rare and precious resource’

Paul Fowles (Classical Guitar Magazine).

Dave Flynn’s second album, Contemporary Traditional Irish Guitar, was released in 2009 on Frisbee Records and remastered in 2019. The album contains completely solo guitar versions of music by some of the best traditional Irish music composers of the 20th Century, most particularly Paddy Fahey, 20 Fahey compositions feature on the album. There is also music by Ed Reavy, Liz Carroll. Charlie Lennon, Larry Redican and Tommy Peoples. One of Flynn’s own compositions, The Mahatma of the Glen, a tribute to the late fiddle player James Byrne, also features. This is a reworking of three of the sections of his earlier piece Music for the Departed. The album has received considerable critical acclaim.

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