A Curious Compendium of Crooked Irish Tunes Vol. 1 (CD)

Dr. Flynn used the following implements to produce the soundwaves audible on this compendium;

Nylon string and steel string acoustic guitars, capo, shakers, triangle, Carnatic taal, microphoned table top, vintage electric kettle hit with Mollard conductor’s batons, field recordings of sea sounds, Antarctic winds, vintage cars and Waitomo birdsong. Pro-Tools synths (track 5), Audacity reverb.

No traditional Irish instruments were harmed in the making of these crooked concoctions.

Tracks 1-9 recorded in Dr. Flynn’s roving laboratory in Blenheim, Taranaki and Ruakaka, Aotearoa, in 2021/2022
Track 10 recorded live in concert at Absurdistan Hall, Kaiwaka, Aotearoa, 2022
Track 11 recorded in Spiddal, Ireland, 2007
Track 12 contains public domain samples of Arnold Schoenberg conducting Transfigured Night Op.4 (Berlin 1929) and Rudolf Kolisch conducting Arnold Schönberg’s Suite op. 29 movement 3 (New York, 26 April 1940), courtesy of www.schoenberg.at

Visit www.daveflynn.com/new_irish_tunes/ for more detailed
analysis of these crooked concoctions

Errigal Suite was commissioned by the Guitar Festival of Ireland with funds from Temple Bar Cultural Trust.

Research funding for the rest of these musical concoctions was provided by the Arts Council of Ireland through a traditional arts bursary.

Visual elements of this curious compendium were created by Lady Cecilia Walshe, formerly of high standing in society until she was wed to Dr. Flynn, upon which her reputation deteriorated considerably.

The copyright in these sound concoctions is owned by Frisbee Records.
Published in 2023. All rights reserved. Patent No. FRCD20233