Irish Tune Category: Clipped Reels

(Reels with one beat less than usual, putting them in 7/8 or 7/4)

Seven in Blenheim

A tune composed in 2021 on a visit to Blenheim, one of the main Vineyard areas of New Zealand.

It’s a type of reel in 7/4, called a ‘Clipped Reel’.

No Name Road/Bóthar Gan Ainm

A tune composed for Felicity and Ding who live just outside the lovely coastal town Greymouth in New Zealand. It is a type of reel in 7/4 which I call a clipped reel.

7th Heaven

A reel in 7/4, hence the title. This is a tune type I call a Clipped Reel.

The Off-Hand Reel

A funky clipped reel in 7/4 time, composed in Blenheim, New Zealand in August 2021, during one of the Covid lockdowns. This tune came very quickly to me, so that’s where the title comes from. Although, it’s also a reference to a type of dance called a Four-Hand Reel.