Irish Tune Category: Clipped Mazurkas

(Mazurkas with occasional 2/4 bars between regular 3/4 bars)

Lakeside Mazurka

The Lakeside Mazurka (Clipped Mazurka)

Composed in 2007 for the larger piece  Errigal Suitethis tune is influenced by the rhythms in an unusual multi-metred mazurka recorded by John Doherty and subsequently Altan. I call it a ‘clipped’ mazurka, because the 3/4 rhythm is occasionally clipped into 2/4.

The Anniversary

The Anniversary (Clipped Mazurka)

Composed in Milton, New Zealand on 12th June 2021, the date of my 5th wedding anniversary. Dedicated, of course, to my wife Celia! This tune is in the style of what I call a ‘Clipped Mazurka’, the jig-like 6/8 bit in the third part is influenced by a strange old Donegal mazurka which John Doherty popularised.