Irish Tune Compositions

​Below is a list of Dave Flynn’s Irish tune compositions. Many of these tunes feature in his larger concert compositions.
Tunes from ‘The Clare Concerto’ are published in The Clare Concerto Tunebook. A tunebook of other tunes will be published soon.


After Danny Meehan (From ‘Tar Éis an Caoineadh)
Bell Harbour Droneys (From ‘The Clare Concerto’)
The Bright Reel
The Étude Reel (From ‘Uilleann Pipe Étude No.5)
Fahey in Feakle (From ‘The Clare Concerto’)
The Final Reel (From ‘Aontacht’)
Frankie’s Reel (From ‘Ómos do Frankie Kennedy’)
The Honeymoon Reel (From ‘An Inishbofin Wedding’)
Kennedy’s Reel (From ‘Ómos do Frankie Kennedy’)
Kilbaha Jazz (From ‘The Clare Concerto’)
Kitty From Kilfenora (From ‘The Clare Concerto’)
The Longest Reel
The Magical Reel (Recorded on ‘Draíocht’)
The Martin-Lina Rumba Reel
The Minimalist Reel aka Glass & Reich Go To Tulla (From ‘The Clare Concerto’)
O’Donoghue’s Silver Flute (From ‘The Clare Concerto’)
Quilty Township Jive (From ‘The Clare Concerto’)
The Reel of Celebration (From ‘Music for the Departed’)
The Reel of Determination (From ‘Music for the Departed’)
The Reel of Shock (From ‘Music for the Departed’)
Regulation Reel No. 1 (From ‘Aontacht’)
Regulation Reel No. 2 (From ‘Aontacht’)
Regulation Reel No. 3 (From ‘Aontacht’)
Sibelius’ Reel
The Spirit (From ‘Stories from the Old World’)
Tourish’s Tour Around the Box (From ‘Errigal Suite’)
A Tune for Charlie
The Visionary Reel (From ‘Taibhreamh Ó Ríada’)
Willie Clancy’s Milltown Malbay Heatwave (From ‘The Clare Concerto’)


The Afro-Classical Jig (Recorded on ‘Draíocht’)
Corofin Harps (From ‘The Clare Concerto’)
The Étude Jig (From ‘Uilleann Pipe Étude No.1)
The In-Between Jig (From ‘Between the Jigs and the Reels’)
A Jig for James (From ‘Tar Éis an Caoineadh’)
The Jig of the Groom (From ‘An Inishbofin Wedding’)
Micho Whistling at the Cliffs of Moher (From ‘The Clare Concerto’)
The Mullah of Mullagh (From ‘The Clare Concerto’)
The Visionary Jig (From ‘Taibhreamh Ó Ríada’)

Slip and Hop Jigs

The Bunbeg (Recorded on ‘Draíocht’)
Cinderella’s Slipper (Recorded on ‘Draíocht’)
Frankie’s Slip (From ‘Ómos do Frankie Kennedy’)
The Piper and the Landlady (From ‘Stories from the Old World’)
Slipping Down Errigal (From ‘Errigal Suite’)


The Étude Slide (From ‘Uilleann Pipe Étude No.5)
Kennedy’s Slide (From ‘Ómos do Frankie Kennedy’)
The Mad Magician’s Daughter (Recorded on ‘Draíocht’)
The Old Hags (From ‘Stories from the Old World’)
The Poet (From ‘Stories from the Old World’)
Tears (from ‘Music for the Departed’)


Nostalgia (from ‘Music for the Departed’)
Sciorradh agus Sleámhnaigh (From ‘Aontacht’)


An Gigeóg (From ‘Stories from the Old World’)
A Polka for Caoimhín (From ‘Tar Éis an Caoineadh’)


The Étude Hornpipe (From ‘Uilleann Pipe Étude No.5)
Paddy Canny Ascending Into Space (From the Clare Concerto)


An Air for Frankie (From Ómos do Frankie Kennedy)
An Gaoth Mall San Aer (From ‘Aontacht’)
Grief (From ‘Music for the Departed’)
The Maghera Mist (From ‘The Clare Concerto’)
Micho Whistling at the Cliffs of Moher (2) (From ‘The Clare Concerto’)
Murmuring (From ‘String Quartet No.3 – The Keening’)

Highlands and Flings

After Con Cassidy (From ‘Tar Éis an Caoineadh)
The Bamako Highland (From String Quartet No.2 -The Cranning’)
Byrne’s Daughters
Connaghan in Coore (From ‘The Clare Concerto)
The Dunlewey Highland (From ‘Errigal Suite’)
The Étude Hornpipe (From ‘Uilleann Pipe Étude No.5)
Fran’s Effin Fling in F


The Bride’s Mazurka (From ‘An Inishbofin Wedding’)
The Lakeside Mazurka (From ‘Errigal Suite’)


The Errigal Strathspey (From ‘Errigal Suite’)
FK’s Strathspey (From Ómos do Frankie Kennedy)


The Barndance Between (From ‘Between the Jigs and the Reels’)
The Celebration Barndance (From ‘Music for the Departed’)
The Étude Barndance (From ‘Uilleann Pipe Étude No.5)
Midnight in Ballyvaughan (From ‘The Clare Concerto’)


Hearts of Gold (For Noel and Ann Flynn)

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