Spotify me no more!!!

The end of streaming is nigh

Recently I instigated a process that will remove all my albums from streaming services. This includes Spotify, iTunes, youtube, Amazon etc. Within the next month or so my music will disappear from these platforms (with the exception of some youtube videos).

My reason for doing this is simple, all these companies are ripping artists off. Music streaming, though good for record company pockets and major label artists, is not good for independent artists. The CEO of Spotify Daniel Ek is worth nearly $3 billion, yet he claims that Spotify couldn’t operate if they paid more to artists.

What’s really happening here is the huge income being generated through streaming is going into the pockets of executives, not artists. Record companies have cut deals with Spotify and other services that only benefit them and their major acts.

The record profits in the music industry aren’t going back to artists, especially not independent artists. So if you’d like independent artists to be able to continue making records then please support us directly.

If you’ve enjoyed streaming my music on Spotify, iTunes etc. and would like to keep listening to it please buy it directly from me at a show or through my website

It’s only the price of a couple of coffees or beers!

I’m still using CDBaby and Bandcamp to sell mp3’s directly because they are independent, their sales seem to be transparent and go straight to artists.

CDs are only available directly from me at a show or my website. If you order directly from me I’ll send you a signed copy too!

Without this kind of direct support from you I can’t continue to make records. It’s not about making profit, it’s about being able to continue to make art in an aggressively anti-art digital age.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for supporting the work of independent artists. 


Dave Flynn

p.s. This isn’t a publicity stunt a la Taylor Swift, the Spotify devil ain’t gonna negotiate a better deal with me!!!