Socrates and Jean Sibelius vs. Roger Ebert

Greek philosopher Socrates once said ‘No one ever raised a monument for a critic’.

Then Jean Sibelius famously paraphrased,

‘Pay no attention to what critics say. No statue has ever been put up to a critic.’

Now, the critics think they have forever got one up on Socrates and Sibelius because film critic Roger Ebert had a statue built in his honour.

Yes that’s the same Roger Ebert who gave bad reviews to classics like The Godfather Part 2, Blade Runner, The Usual Suspects, Reservoir Dogs, The Good the Bad and the Ugly and Full Metal Jacket!

Apparently the critics say their ‘beloved’ Roger deserves his statue, but the critics, as is often the case, are wrong.

So critics, pay attention to my update of the Socrates/Sibelius critic critique.

‘The only reason a statue was put up to Roger Ebert is because no statue was ever put up to a critic.’