The Longest Reel (Solo Fiddle)

The Longest Reel for Solo Irish Fiddle (2009) 8′

‘Under a DEIS-funded scheme to create new music granted in 2008, Flynn worked to brilliant effect with piper O’Brien and his daughter Aoife (fiddle)’ – Paul Keating,

Programme Poem

(This poem was used to introduce ‘The Longest Reel’ on the night of the premiere)

This piece was written for Siobhán Peoples
But Siobhán can’t be with us cos she’s at a Steeple
Because today her sister’s just been wed
So tonight we have Aoife Ó’Brien instead
No better woman to take Siobhán’s place
Others might find it too daunting to face
This piece does exactly what it says on the tin
It’s the Longest Reel that’s every been written

It goes non-stop for 8 minutes or so
It starts like a Highland then grows and grows
Into a wild meandering melody
Like Paddy Fahey and Con Cassidy
Meeting J.S. Bach and Igor Stravinsky
For a mighty session down the street
The tune takes many twists and turns
Some are quite odd, quite tricky to learn
There’s double-stopping and odd hiccup beats
But it’s no trouble to Aoife, you’re in for a treat

Premiered by Aoife O’Brien in August 2011 at the Masters of Tradition Festival, Bantry.